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The Baroque Cello and Modern Cello

Baroque cello x modern cello ーSolo concert with two cellos

Starts at 15 pm on Sunday , November 6, 2022
(Tickets can be purchased / viewed until November 20th)

Violoncello  Solo: Aiki Kitajima

[Baroque cello]
J. Dall'Abaco (1710-1805): Capriccio No. 4, 5 and 6
Yukari Misawa: New work (consignment work)

[Modern cello]
M.Pintscher (* 1971): Now II (2015)
R.Hoffmann (* 1970): 5 trainings for “Schleifer's method” (2009)
and others

A solo concert with two cellos that introduces the new charm and works of the cello, including modern cello for contemporary works, baroque cello for baroque works, and a new work by Yukari Misawa.

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The Baroque Cello and Modern Cello 1,500 JPY
[Support Ticket]BaroqueCello&ModernCello 3,000 JPY Support Ticket for Aki. This fund will be used for next performance activities. Thank you for your support!

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